PVC Summer Slippers for Women – 2020

The PVC slippers are a new and improved type of footwear designed and produced by 3Rose. The new 2020 style collection includes these models in the microtech section. They are comfortable summer slippers with a few design details that differentiate them from the rest of the collections. These slippers are appropriate for usage indoors as well as when you go outside on a walk. They come in different colors and designs to be appropriate for the likings of any end user. The collection includes various models, with a small low heel. Comfort and wellness are key features of this collection.

The 3Rose PVC slippers included in the microtech style of 2020 is a beautiful collection full of life and color. Some of the most common colors include blue, beige, bordeaux and turtledove. The sole of these summer slippers is soft and allows the feet to breathe and move comfortably within the footwear. Most versions have a small buckle or velcro to be adjustable to different sizes. Check out our collection!

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