Winter 2019

The winter footwear collection designed and produced by 3Rose includes a variety of models that are respectively divided into different sections, such as house style, hand sewn style, leather removable insoles, comfort style and man style. As it is easy to understand, this collection includes winter footwear for women as well as men. In addition, it comprises footwear that can be worn indoors in addition to outdoor styles for the ones defying the cold. The winter collection is characterised by mainly slippers with a closed toe area which keeps the feet warmer. They come in different colors and sizes appropriate for any type of personality or store character.

One of the best aspects of all 3Rose footwear is comfort and relaxation. The winter footwear for women and men also possesses this characteristic. The materials used to create these items are eco friendly and soft, thus allowing people to wear the slippers long term without their feet hurting. In addition, here at 3Rose we pride ourself through our reliability and longevity of our products.