Winter House Slippers for Women – 2019

One of the most comfortable things that winter brings when it comes to any house is the warm and soft clothing items. Every woman likes to envelope herself in fluffy blankets and comfy slippers, drinking a warm beverage in front of the TV on one of those cold lazy winter days. Our 3Rose winter house slippers are designed just for that purpose. Our aim has always been to create a product that can help women relax indoors.

The 2019 collection of winter house slippers for women, displayed on our 3Rose website includes various models. The materials used for this collection are warm and fuzzy, just right for that cold period of the year. The toes are all covered and the heel is slightly elevated to provide a further elevation from the cold ground. The models come in different colors, mainly red and gray. To find out more information on this collection, call or email us directly.

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