Summer House Slippers for Women – 2020

The 3Rose 2020 style offers a specific collection on summer house slippers for women. This is a section dedicated to footwear that all women can wear at home, feeling comfortable to step on their immaculate floors, as well as the soft furniture. The house style includes different colors ranging from baby blue, bright red, navy blue, pink, beige, teal and more. In addition, this collection also introduces patterns and patches that give a sense of creativity to indoor footwear. In total, there are different items in this section, available for purchase in bulk by any company interested.

As part of our 3Rose production line for any interested parties, the summer house slipper style for women is one of the most important ones. Feeling at ease and comfortable indoors is just as important as choosing the right footwear to go with your outfit when you decide to go outside the house. This is why at 3Rose we pay special attention to this collection.

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