Leather removable insole style

There is one feature that all slippers must absolutely have and that is comfort. At 3Rose we take that very seriously. We take pride in being always reliable as a production company so that our clients can be sure that the final consumer will enjoy the product. Our winter slippers with removable insoles for women allows feet to breathe and move more easily within the slipper. In addition, the leather used for the insole layer is eco friendly and very soft on the skin.

The 2018 collection of winter slippers with leather removable insoles for women includes various models, each coming in different colors. The color palette of this section includes dark colors such as dark blue, red, grey, beige and black. All the models have an anatomically designed shape to help women while walking. The soles also include the logo of our company, 3Rose, which represents the quality and made in Italy brand of all our products.

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