Stylish Summer Sandals & Slippers for Women – 2020

3Rose is a fashionable brand that produces stylish summer sandals and introduces the summer sandals production line for other stores. We have designed and produced a variety of models in our 2020 style collection, including summer slippers for women as well as sandals, mostly for outdoor use. Comfort and relaxation are main features of this collection in addition to shiny, elegant materials and fun patterns. Some of the models in this style are completely flat while others have a bit of a wedge heel, which allows them to continue to be comfy while walking.

The 2020 style collection includes various models featuring different colors. Most of the sandals available in the production line have a small buckle in order to be adjusted to the measure of the feet, while the slippers display a simple yet captivating design thanks to the integration of patterns and shiny finishes.

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