Felice found the
shoe factory 3rose,
whose focus is a
production craft men’s footwear.


The sons Gian Pietro e Giuseppe
direct the production towards slippers and sandals,
moving from a craft item to a large consume.

80’S and 90’s:

The shoe factory has developed fast, thanks to buisness skills and the will to reach hight goals. The company is growing.


Arrived to the third generations,
with the sons Francesca, Gianluca and Davide, it has futher expanded the field of production and sales markets, projecting the company into the future.


3Rose deals with the production of slippers and sandals for men and women and it works in the province of Forlì-Cesena. Thanks to the advanced technologies and the qualified personnel 3Rose can ensure the realization of a product made with carefully crafted, that characterizes the company and with the potential of amount of production at the industrial level.