Winter Slippers with Removable Insoles for Women – 2019

Some of the most comfortable shoes a woman can have are slippers. At 3Rose we design and produce winter slippers with removable insoles that are aimed toward comfortable walking. The motto of our company is to always supply our customers with the most relaxing and lightweight products in the wholesale market at the most sensible price. We have a long tradition in the production of the comfortable winter slippers, starting back in 1939 and developing our technology in the 70 years since.

The 2019 winter slipper with removable insoles for women includes various models. The core feature of these slippers is comfortability. They are designed to showcase a variety of colors that go well with winter clothing. These colors include dark grey, brown, black, red and blue. A small shimmer of gloss has been added as a finish to the top material. These made in Italy products are ergonomically designed for a great walk.

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