Sandals & Slippers with Removable Insoles for Women – 2020

The 2020 style collection of 3Rose introduces the new models of sandals with removable insoles which are mainly in leather. Our 3Rose factory and company designs and produces comfortable footwear for women in order to lessen their burden when walking, whether inside the house or outside. The Removable insoles collection includes slippers in addition to sandals as well, and are mainly aimed at outdoor use. This style features a dark color palette including navy blue, khaki, burgundy and more.

One of the main objectives of 3Rose is to keep developing and be ahead of the market. We want our clients to be prepared for their upcoming sales and the end customer to be satisfied with the final product in due time. This is why the 2020 collection of sandals and slippers with removable insoles is already available to preview on our 3Rose website.

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