Man style

The warm winter slippers for men by 3Rose are designed with dedication to achieving the most comfortable slipper possible. The aim of this collection is to be fashionable, comfortable, relaxing and warm for the winter of 2018. As our goal is to keep developing and pushing boundaries in order to be an established company not only in Italy but also in the international market, we are always improving our slipper making techniques and material palette.

This winter slippers for men collection is part of the 2018 winter section of warm and fuzzy slippers for any male generation. All the pieces are made in dark colors and soft materials. The slippers are available to view here on our website and come in different colors each. Once you click on the model you like you can explore the range of other colors you can order these in. Some of the model generate a more serious look while others have a playful pattern or image on the top.

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