Summer Sandals & Slippers for Men – 2020

3Rose has a long experience in the production of very soft and comfortable footwear, including summer slippers for men. The factory itself started back in 1939 as a production service only for men. However, later on in the 60s, after the company was passed onto the next generation, the production line changed. New lines were added, especially for women. However, the men section still remains one of the main concerns for 3Rose. The 2020 style for summer slippers for men is already out on the website and available for purchase by wholesale distributors and businesses.

The summer slippers for men collection of the 2020 style delivered by 3Rose includes a variety of models in black and dark brown color. Each model however comes with its own specific choice regarding color. The material used for this type of slippers is usually leather. If you are interested in purchasing in large quantity contact us directly to make all the necessary arrangements beforehand.

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