Handmade Summer Slippers & Sandals for Women – 2020

3Rose is a producer of handmade summer sandals for women a well as handmade slippers. Our company was founded back in 1929, when it first started to produce only footwear for men. Our founder, Felice Rosati decided to dedicate his life to the artisanal production of footwear. The company has later on developed to produce a large quantity of material available for distribution as a wholesale to any interested party. Handmade sandals and slippers however still remain a main concern of our business. They combine harmonious colors and ingenious sewing solutions to deliver a comfortable and lightweight slippers or sandals for women.

Browse through the 2020 collection to explore all our latest summer slippers. The main feature that we are always aiming to improve and develop here at 3Rose is comfort. The 2020 hand-sewn style specifically includes various models, mainly in leather with a small heel to make walking more comfortable.

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