Handmade style

The handmade summer sandals for women include beautifully crafted slipper and sandal designs that have been sewn by hand, by our professional technical staff here at 3Rose. Our handmade summer slipper and sandal section is probably one of the most fashionable and comfortable collection that we offer. It mixes together creativity and the careful attention that comes with sewing anything by hand. The uniqueness of this product comes in the thread detail, which is ultimately slightly different in every model, making these footwear stand out from the rest.

The 2018 3Rose collection includes a beautiful mixture of sandals and slippers that are very comfortable and appropriate for long summer walks. The collection includes various models, featuring earthy colors and mainly burgundy, bordeaux and red. Each model displays different sewing techniques and designs. In addition, each model also comes in a variety of colors including blue, beige, turtledove and black.

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