Comfort style

At 3Rose we produce and distribute comfortable summer slippers for women. Comfort, lightweight and relaxation are key features of all our models. We use small buckles and velcro to make all our summer slippers and sandals adjustable to every show size possible. In addition, our comfort style collection has a small plastic heel to raise the feet from the ground and be an orthopaedic shoe that is comfortable to walk in throughout long hours of the day.

The comfort summer slippers for women collection, part of the 2018 style of 3Rose includes various models. They feature bright bold colors and floral patterns to evoke the character of summer and display a happy and cool atmosphere. Most models have open toes or other side opening to allow the feet to breathe in the warm summer days. All in all, the 2018 style of comfort summer slippers for women is a lightweight and enjoyable collection for anyone who likes to walk in slippers or sandals.

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